About the IOBGA Organization

Your spouse or partner was duly elected and installed as Commodore of your club. After a year of pleasure and pain, fun and frustration, and a thorough testing of abilities and mettle, we suddenly find ourselves to be spouses of Past Commodores. Those who have gone this way before, recognize our years of contribution and quality of performance by inviting us to join them in an organization known as the International Order of the Blue Gavel Auxiliary, an organization of spouses of past commodores of yacht/boat clubs. The IOBG was conceived and established in order that the corporate knowledge and experience embodied in the past commodores, not be lost. The IOBGA was conceived and established to support the IOBG and to provide a vehicle to put our corporate knowledge and wisdom as partners, into the service of our mission.

The Auxiliary promotes fellowship among IOBG and IOBGA members, and stimulates interest in the customs and ceremonies of the boating community and the Blue Gavel organization. We organize events such as raffles, auctions, walk-a-thons, fun days, chili cook-offs, BBQ’s and all sorts of theme parties. The proceeds from these events help to support other Blue Gavel functions as well as charities. We participate in yachting traditions such as Blessings and Opening Day ceremonies, and support programs sponsored by the Blue Gavel from youth sailing, to scholarships or to a hospital library.

, you have been inducted as a member of the IOBGA, so that you may continue to make a contribution to your club and to yachting and local communities. There are, as always, financial obligations you must meet at the several levels of the organization; chapter, district, and international dues. While not unduly burdensome to the individual, these dues are the fuel that allows the machinery of the organization to run. International dues are set each year by the International Board of Directors. District and Chapter dues are set by the Districts and Chapters. (At the time of publication, there are very few IOBGA Chapters.)